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Door Styles


Comfortable. Familiar. Useful and productive. Your new kitchen can be all of these and still be a strikingly beautiful room to walk into. After all, the Traditional style is all about classic, yet functional, elegance.

One of the most popular design choices year after year, the Traditional style features classic lines and details, and focuses on a practical beauty.


Raised panel square


Arch-top raised panel


Radius-top raised panel


Recessed panel


trad-square-lite-glasspanelSquare lite glass panel



Rout for glass panel


trad-lite-glasspanelRadius-top lite glass panel



Recessed shaped top panel


 Craftsman style

The distinctive Craftsman style is evidence of simplicity that is practical, functional and in harmony with your natural surroundings. Its elegantly uncomplicated designs feature straight lines, right angles, exposed jointery and the occasional strategic use of stained glass.

Whether you call it Arts and Crafts, Mission, or Craftsman, this unique look is the epitome of uncompromising quality and attention to detail. Just like you.



Shaker raised panel



Shaker inset panel



Shaker inset panel with mullion



Shaker beaded reversed raised panel


shaker-liteShaker lite panel


shaker-reversed-raisedShaker reversed-raised panel


shaker-routforglassShaker rout for glass panel


shaker-raised2Shaker raised panel - wider stile



Contemporary design is focused on simple, yet exciting use of space, color, and texture, with an unmistakable sense of urban energy and artistic creativity.

A bold take on simple sophistication, the Contemporary style is highlighted by open space, sparse geometric lines and shapes, bright, solid tones, and purposefully positioned accents.


slab-classicSolid classic panel



Solid grooved flush panel



Solid flush panel with inlay



Solid flush lite panel


 Other door style

Whether you are looking to make your appliances blend into your cabinets, or something creative to make your kitchen really stand out, we have many other door style options, and one is sure to fit you. Choose from designs that really capture the attention, or have something engraved into your door to make it uniquely yours.



3" Mitred raised panel



2 1/4" Mitred beaded panel



Applied molding raised panel



Southwestern style